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The Educational Cooperation Society (ECS) is a non-profit and non-government organization incorporated in Nigeria under the Companies Decree in 1974, as a charitable trust limited by guarantee.
The broad aim and mission  of the society is to promote educational and social welfare projects throughout the Federation, which help participants of all religious denominations, social and ethnic groups to broaden their education, develop their character and increase their sense of responsibility.

The activities directed at youths is tailored to inform their human, professional, academic, spiritual and moral dimensions of their lives. In all, ECS has promoted and run over eighteen projects in six states of Nigeria.

 New Initiatives

ABJcropThe Midpoint Educational & Leadership Centre is a new project, under development in Abuja, by the Educational Co-operation Society, designed to provide academic, moral and character formation for young people and professionals alike..

As an educational project, the Midpoint Centre will offer a variety of curricula and extracurricular activities to youth. In order to prepare the youth to contribute to the development of society, the centre will focus on developing their sense of civic responsibility and improving their attitude to work. It will also help them to improve their value system and learning outcome in school. Learn More

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The projects and programmes promoted by the Educational Co-operation Society are divided into eight basic groups as seen below.

By means of these projects, Educational Cooperation Society has for several years been making a substantial contribution towards solving a number of specific problems in the Nigerian Society.

Youth Leadership and Auxiliary Academic Programmes
Technical Skills Development Programmes
Rural Development and Primary Health Projects.
Urban Youth Training Schemes
University Centre Projects
International Co-operation Projects
Book and Scholarship/Loan Schemes
Promotion of Local NGOs and Institutional support programmes