About Us

The Educational Cooperation Society (ECS) is a non-profit and non-government organization incorporated in Nigeria under the Companies Decree in 1974, as a charitable trust limited by guarantee.

Project Services

Educational Cooperation Society has for several years been making a substantial contribution towards solving a number of specific problems in the Nigerian Society.

New Initiatives

The Midpoint Educational & Leadership Centre is a new project, under development in Abuja, designed to provide academic, moral and character formation for young people and professionals alike…

News, Events & Initiatives

Projects and Programmes

Technical Skills Development Programmes

Personal capacity building and development of technical skills is the main thrust of our activities in this group of programmes directed at young people, irrespective of their religion and social background.

Urban Youth Training Schemes

Taking place in five different cities in the country, namely Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, Enugu and Nsukka. The training schemes are aimed at ensuring the overall development of the youth.

University Centre Projects

These are projects directed at graduate and undergraduate students. The centres are private university residences that provide good accommodation for students and an atmosphere conducive for study.

International Cooperation Projects

Educational Co-operation Society carries out these projects jointly with other non-governmental agencies abroad, with the aim of fostering international solidarity and cultural exchange among peoples and youth all over the world.

ECS Book Scheme

The Educational Co-operation Society Book Scheme is aimed at providing books to the various institutions in dire need of them all over the country. Aimed at making up for the scarcity of direly needed texts, it is carried out in partnership with various bodies.

Promoting Local NGOs

In response to the diverse local needs, the Educational Co-operation Society has been promoting and working with local grass-roots NGOs in the development of projects in the areas of formal education, executive management education and health delivery services.

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