Here is a list of our events and activities:

Mr. Desmond Moru, a former resident of Bodija Centre, Ibadan, and later Isiuwa Study Centre recently moved to Spain for further studies. He holds a B. Sc. degree and a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Benin. He will be doing his PhD in areas related to Graphic Design.

A Rural Project at Itamapako, Ogun State:
Over the past 5 years the Educational Co-operation Society embarked on a project to recuperate the space of civil society in rural areas of Nigeria.  The focus of this program for this year and next is to promote and foster community processes that further gender equality and initiate an educational curriculum to teach gender equality studies at primary school levels in rural areas.

The Eleko Project, December 2013
The Educational Co-operation Society (ECS) began mobilizing a part of the Ibeju-Lekki communities comprising of Idado, Eleko, and Badore communities, for a rural development programme. This would be the second of such interventions by the ECS at Ibeju-Lekki, aimed at strengthening civil society towards achieving self development and equity within the rural areas. At a community meeting on November 20, 2013 representatives from Igando and Debojo showed up, signalling their interests in getting involved with the development initiative.

 During the meeting the community received an overview of the programme, and made their inputs to the disposition and frameworks of the project. They also decided on the tenets for a memorandum of understanding for working with the ECS on the programme.