About Educational Co-operation Society

Profile and Organizational Structure

The Educational Co-operation Society (ECS) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization incorporated in Nigeria under the Companies Decree in 1974, as a charitable trust limited by guarantee, RC 13503.

By way of vision, ECS envisages a Nigeria where all persons have access to education of good quality, and personal development, irrespective of their social, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The broad aim and mission of the Society is to promote projects throughout the Federation, which further education, social welfare and development  of character in accordance with Christian principles.

The organisational structure consists of:

    • Members: made up of people who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the organisation.
    • A Management Council: made up of the Directors of the Organization, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations and executive functions of the organisation.
    • Local Boards: This includes – The Women’s Board, which assists the Management Council in the development and supervision of projects dedicated to the promotion of women; and the Patrons’ Board, which supports the Management Council in fundraising and other activities towards development of capital projects.
    • Project Management Teams: Responsible for local project centres.

Over the past four decades, Educational Co-operation Society promoted several projects which enhanced Youth leadership and auxiliary academic training in various states within the Federation. ECS has also, successfully carried out rural development projects in cooperation with foreign missions in Nigeria, corporate bodies, and a few European NGOs.

In developing its various projects, ECS received support from over six hundred companies and many individuals in the country, who contributed either in cash, materials or services, to the development of its projects over the years. Donations made to the Educational Co-operation Society by corporate bodies are tax-deductible, as per Schedule 5 of the Companies Income Tax Act (see Gazette, No. 47, vol. 74.)

By means of its projects, the Educational Co-operation Society has, for several years, been making substantial contributions towards solving specific problems in Nigerian.

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